This is a Marathon not a Sprint. . .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stop Gap Measures. . .

I'll admit it, I feel like I'm in a freefall situation here….

Right now work is heavy, the kids are gearing up to gear down for end of school and start of swimming, I'm the computer rep for the Swim Team as well as a Board member, and well, I'm just making excuses…

Making excuses to have reckless behavior….I know it, I admit it, and am doing absolutely nothing about it.

Each morning I resolve, "NOT TODAY"…and by evening that mantra is out the door.

I have no one to blame but myself. I have no excuses that could even justify it…(because there is NONE in my book)….and I just need to suck it up!

This is my ANGRY note to myself.

Why in the hell do you work so hard and then sabotage yourself? Why are you so adamant that you can do it "differently" than you know you have to? Why can't you just put that _____ down and walk away? I'm tired of hearing you whine and complain about it. I'm tired of going through the same 5-10lbs every couple of months. Do this or either Don't do this, but make a decision. Is your health worth it or is it only worth it "when you feel like it?". You are stronger than this. You can beat this, because make no mistake about it….. this is a battle, a war you're waging. And the win is worth time with your family and loved ones. I know you get stressed out and I know the road gets long and hard….but isn't that when you need to be your strongest anyways? So why do you let that make you your weakest?

You talk a big talk but let's see you walk the walk. Let's see you show your children just how much they can do when they put their mind to it…. Let's see you get the WHOLE family moving and healthy…because it's not only YOUR life you're dealing with here, face it, it's the WHOLE family….and couldn't everyone be a LITTLE healthier????


  1. just found you! i can be young and fat but not both! well, i can be both actually...but i don't want to!

  2. I saw your card on Jack Sh*t & it just struck a chord w/me... I don't want to be old AND fat either!