This is a Marathon not a Sprint. . .

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Come It’s Always Funnier In My Head?

Dear friends, as you may have noticed, I never cease to entertain myself. In my head, I am a primo comedian. I am constantly chuckling all day at the stupid funny things I come up with. So how come they are never as funny when I put them into writing? I mean, jeessshhhhh, what's with you people? How come you just aren't as tickled as I am? Obviously you are missing your funny bone. I mean, it couldn't be me.

Perfect example: So last night dear hubby had class (M,W & Th nights) 7-9:40pm. So around noon yesterday, I was going with him and going to the gym. At 3pm, I wasn't. At 4 I was. At 4:30 I wasn't. It was just THAT kind of day, KWIM? So at 4:48, yes I did note the exact time mentally, I committed that yes indeed I was going to the gym and securing my carpool with him. Now remember, his class starts at 7pm. He parks 50 feet or less in front of the doors to the building. We live 20-30 minutes away. So you would think we would leave by 6:15p to get to class right? NOPE. We are on a "schedule". So he can "prepare" before class. My dear friends, we are leaving our house "no later than 5:30pm." In order to do that, I tear out of work at 4:59 grabbing my belongings, rushing out the door, locking said door since I'm the only employee left, and driving home like a bat of …. quickly. Anyways. I make it home in 15 minutes. (I actually only work about 15 minutes away so THAT was no great feat but I did manage to avoid the 1 red light that could have held me up). Dash in the house, kiss the twins, make sure they have dinner covered, find out one is not feeling well, sit down to assess fever, no snot (sorry, but true), no vomiting, eyes are a little glassy, stomach a little upset but he's eating a sleeve of saltines. Our Jennifer assures us he'll be fine and we should go. (She knows the DH's time thing). Find out DS was hungry from the time he got out of school, rationalize its just low blood sugar, and I'm up to kiss the other twin, dash into my room, and start flinging clothes off and every where. –Believe me, NOT a pretty sight!—The cat sits at the end of the bed watching like it's the most normal thing in the world.

I'm heading to the bathroom (you know you just HAVE to go before going to the gym). Yelling at my husband to find my sports bra, running pants, socks, my compression shirt, a BIGGGG t-shirt ----not the small one like last time, and my running shoes if he wants "to help speed me up" (that's my SECRET phrase to get him to help me with ANYTHING!) I swear he reminds me of an old movie I saw where the father is a time managing freak and times the kids each morning to the second of getting ready…but I digress. Now I do have one spot where I keep all my workout clothes, so securing these items is actually easy. And DH has them ready for me when I come out the WC. I start throwing things on and once again, he's gotten me a T-shirt that is what I'd call a "wearing" t-shirt, not a workout t-shirt. So I have to go digging in his drawers---LOL----see my brain is spinning but I won't go off on a tangent-------for one of his t-shirts with a little more room to move. Find that, throw it on….pull on the shoes jumping down the hall on opposing feet…..and jog down the stairs… OKAY, let's go. Believe me, I think "dressing for working out" burns as much calories as any other cardio I might do on a light day.

And yes friends, we made it out the house at 5:20pm. On campus by 5:45. You think that's the end of the story? Not a chance.

I complete my running (Couch to 5K Week3 Day2), Body For Life lower body workout, 30 minutes on the CrossTrainer ……………and its about right there that I had had it. I was tired. I wanted to stop. But I looked at my watch and it was 7:30???!!!! WTH…………I felt like I'd been there FOREVER. So its way too early to be expecting to leave (remember, class ends at 9:40pm) so I hustle on over and do 30 minutes on the Bike. And about right there my calves (both!) start getting Charlie Horses. OUCH! Okay 8pm. MOST nights DH gets out a few minutes early. So if I walk the 1.5 miles to his class instead of him coming to get me, that'll burn 30 minutes (---I was honest, I wasn't POWER walking NOWHERE!!) So it'd be 8:30p…and I could wait the 30-45minutes for DH. I send DH a text message that says "on my way up there now…don't leave til you see me" JUST IN CASE..because you know how that works.

Superwoman that I am……started walking…….forgetting that I did not wear my usual hoodie sweatshirt because DH dropped me off tonite due to RAIN. Yep…..rain! But I'd committed and "don't tell me what I can't do."(—Smoke Monster who looks like John Locke but isn't REALLY John Locke)…. I keep my Ipod on, and bebop myself on up campus in 23 minutes. Try the doors to the building…and YEP…..LOCKED! Luckily there are benches out front…. I mean, it's a college campus of 35,000….surely someone will come out or go inside in the next 15 or so minutes right? RIGHT? Text DH "outside doors locked". Thought he might get a break and could come open the doors…….

No one came, no one went. At 9pm I sent DH this "So, how many calories DOES fighting off hypothermia burn?". At 9:15 I sent "Got permanent chicken skin now". The temperature outside is really dropping and I'm REALLY cold. I also know that DH has a bad
good weird habit of making sure when he puts his phone on silent vibrate of making sure he puts it somewhere he can actually feel it when it goes off……and men, you'll have to help me out on this one, but what he does is stick the thing under the ol' twig & berries, the tacklebox, his "equipment" on the seat of the car, chair, whatever……….. I mean, that's just frickin' hilarious to me. I'm laughing now as I write it. So anyways, I figure by now four text messages probably has him well,…..probably hoping for more. LOL J

Now it's 9:20 and I'm FREEZING! So I type to DH "I hope you are enjoying these text messages. Hope they give you a lot of excitement. Then both of us will be stiff, but for different reasons. "

I mean to tell you, I found myself untouchable. I thought I was HILARIOUS. People would pay me money to read this stuff I tell myself. And VIOLA, 2 seconds later my husband shows up at the doors, laughing….but he does let me in. Good thing too, the class ran til the last minute last night. I was beginning to fear the police showing up to pickup the old, crazy, homeless lady sitting out front bebopping, doing squats, lunges, and dancing to music doing the white-man's overbite.

Today, writing it, still cracking me up…….What do you think?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Basking in the Glow. . .

Yep, this morning I am basking in the glow of self-accomplishment friends. Last night I continued my trek by completing the Day 1 workout of Body for Life. I completed the entire Day 1 PLUS 30 minutes running program (week 3 day 1) of Couch to 5K AND 30 minute random interval training on the CrossTrainer.

Thoughts on the workout – I don't think I started with enough weights. I did mostly cabled machine exercises. I had wanted to use the dumbbells…..but…..quite honestly, because I can be honest with YOU right?..... There were A LOT of young male kids hanging out around the dumbbells. Experienced, well built, those who "know" what they're doing types….. and I was….well, intimidated. Now I don't usually have this problem. I'm fairly outspoken and confident. But I just couldn't go over there, pick up 4 sets of dumbbells and plop down on one of the benches…..dumb right? But, I did at least, find a comfort zone AND get the workout done. Just used the machines instead. Anyways, the machines of course use pulley systems so the weights work WAY differently. When I had planned to start with 5, 7.5, 10, & 12.5 dumbbells—I was at a loss as to what to do with the machines….so I just guessed….and probably to the low side. But now I know. And I did take my workout sheet with me. And I did make notes about the weights and I've entered that into my log. Now, next time, I can make my plan out with the machine or the dumbbells (Yes, Friends, I plan on venturing into that unknown territory yet again, and again and again until I CAN feel comfortable there).

Ate clean yesterday! More calories than I would have normally allowed but after A LOT of reading, I've decided to limit my calorie deficit to around 1000 per day. So my intake yesterday was just under 1600. My RMR (I wish I could have it done professionally like Tommy at I Hate Green Apples) but I estimate it based on my weight at just over 1500 per day + burn of 1100 more. So roughly, I should have a deficit yesterday of around 1100. And if I maintain that average x 6 days a week ( I do take off one day completely) = 6600. Divide that by 3500 to get total weight loss in pounds of 1.89lb. Close to 2 lb. per week. I can deal with that. As much as I'd LOVE to say 5, 6, 7 lb a week. I know that is unrealistic, unhealthy, and just plain un-American (I have a flair for the dramatic).

Now, feeling a little like Einstein that I got that 1)all figured out and 2)actually track it daily in a spreadsheet……makes me wonder why it NEVER really works that way.

Couple other random thoughts --- I tend to have about 5,698,572 running around in my head at any time.

  • Greta over at Big Bottom Blogger is AMAZINGLY courageous. I can't fathom the moxie it takes to plaster pictures of your butt on the internet. Heck, I can't face looking at my own myself sometimes. But I will admit, it fascinates me how much of a difference Greta has made and I look at her butt all the time
  • I like the feel of post-workout soreness the day after.
  • Why is it that you can't overwork ab muscles? Every other muscle group in the body you can…but not abs……why?
  • Would a true "reality" show on weight loss work? Put together amazingly REAL people doing amazingly REAL eating, working (you know at their JOBS), exercising and getting real about the problems that put them where they are…….would it work? Would people watch?
  • If obesity is a national health crisis and EVERYONE is concerned about it. How come EVERYONE charges for every new product that comes along…..I mean if (–sorry Jillian, because I really do like you---YOU are what I need from a trainer when I don't want to do something) if Jillian Michaels has the SURE FIRE workout to make you look like her (face it ladies, it's what we really want)… come it costs so much, has 267 other things to go along with it, etc?
  • On the same note…………………why allow some fly-by-night company to put you on FASTING supplements or weight loss pills? COME ON….the money you make is worth your integrity, your ideals, your name?????
  • The amount of water I drink per day affects my running (BREATHING) ability. I need to kick it up and pay attention to getting MORE water!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Things That Made Me Want & Need To Change

The first: Side by Side MRI views of an obese person with a healthy weight female. OMG! You can even see FAT in the brain. Look the abormal way the bones of the arms (at the shoulders) and legs (at the hips and knees) have to bow in order to accommodate our size. Look at the heart. Look at the INTESTINE! This image shook me HARD!

This is my oldest granddaughter at the State Fair last year. Isn't she just adorable? I want to be around for her like I remember my grandmother being there for me. There is NOTHING I loved more in the Summer than spending weeks with my Grandpa and Grandma. When this little girl is a teenager, I want her to be able to tell her friends that she has one crazy, active grandma who still loves rollercoasters, running, working out, and HER!

I’m a Techno-Geek. . .

I love anything computerized, softwarized, ipodized! J

My best friend is an amazingly fit woman. She wonderfully helps me with any questions I have about eating, working out, weights, cardio….whatever. I should also mention she has been a workout instructor in her "spare" time and for "fun" for many, many, many years. And she does this in a way that is so helpful and non-threatening that I feel 150% convinced that whatever she tells me is going to work. And it always has and does!

So Friday I asked her…..okay, so I've been doing cardio and some light weight training. I'm ready to kick it up. What should I do? Simple answer from her is check out She says that's what she follows. WHAT???!!!! All this time there is a website out there to tell me exactly what to do? And I can look like you? Sign me up regardless of cost. Guess what?? This site is FREE! Totally…downloads and all. It is backed by EAS (supplements, bars, stuff like that…) but the information on eating and working out…FREE!

I downloaded their suggested workout. And I made it mine. I like to consider myself something of an Excel programming whiz. So I took their simple 84 day download and added some drop down lists instead of having to look up the exercises each time. Easy-peasy. I also color coded the tabs so I know easily what I'm doing what day without even opening the tab. I also combined cardio and workout days on the days I know I'll be doing both. And I changed the amount of time for cardio….they say 20 minutes is sufficient but I like to go for 30 at least (the whole endorphin thing kicks in for me around then).

Anyways…..a note on the workouts. THEY WORK! Saturday I did about 45 minutes of cardio and then moved on to the lower body workout. With very minimal weights. Quads---dumbbell squats with 7.5lb on each shoulder. Leg press-140lb (but that's only 12) and my legs were shaking at the end. I started the lunges for hamstrings with the 7.5lb also….but had to dump them after the 1st 2 sets….but I completed the sets. My friend had said that body weight was plenty starting off, I had just thought I could do more….finished the rest of the lower body no problems….those lunges about killed me though….

Then on to the ab work. I actually double or even tripled the amount of ab work…..mainly because I feel that and my thighs are my problem areas….and no matter how much my brain tells me that I can't spot reduce…..I still stubbornly try. Abs are amazing. Do you know they are the ONLY muscles in the body you can NOT overwork? You can work them every day….unlike your other major muscles. So I did crunches, reverse crunches, Marvin Haglers (bicycles), flutter kicks, military holds, planks, side planks……. And if you think that can't make you sweat…'re wrong!

Felt a little stiff Saturday evening from the workout…but a good stiff……….Then Sunday around 4:30pm (about 24 hours after the workout) BAM! The soreness set in my legs…..for any of those who have been there…. you know what I'm talking about. You get about 4 inches from the chair and "drop" the rest of the way and then you pray you don't need to get up for about 4 days. Walking up stairs is difficult….walking down the stairs I "ouch"ed each step—loudly. Why should I be the only one in the house to suffer? Funny, my abs didn't hurt. Until I tried showing my husband an ab exercise I saw a pair performing…..THEN I felt them! Oh yeah, I worked those babies too!

Still fighting a cold….upper body this morning feels like I've been whipped with chains due to congestion. My teeth even hurt. And my lower body is hurting but feeling good at the same time…

Gotta miss the gym tonite due to the kiddos' schedule and my work that has geared up right now. Looking forward to going tomorrow for upper and cardio workout. I'm sure come Thursday morning, you'll hear me complain about how much my arms, chest, and shoulders hurt…..probably is a very short posting J

Getting back to my Title..................bodyforlife has their website. But they also have a free Ipod download. That's pretty good. I tried it. But for $.99 they also have a more functional app. I paid for it. THAT's FABULOUS! I have a couple of fitness apps. I use them all. I have a quick reference guide for exercises by muscle which helps ALOT if the gym is full and I can't do one of the exercises I've pre-planned to do....there's always something to back it up with.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend. It's shaping up to be a GLORIOUS week!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Days I Just Want to Scream . . .

It's those days when I have to choose what I should do over what I really want to do. . .and for once, I'm not talking about food or exercise, although I have those days too.

What's WITH people these days? I'm truly disgusted with the lack of common decency between the member of the human race. If your mother, daughter, brother, etc… were starving, needed a ride, wanted a pick-me-up…you'd do it right? Why because you don't know a person do they not deserve the same? Ever notice that people will tend to help strangers before they even acknowledge and reach out to help a "friend". With friend like that. . . .

I get so ANGRY. I want to revert to my old self. I want to be a heathen. I want to be uncouth, unregulated, unbound. I want to do harm, I want to do damage. But I know better. On these days, I wish, I PRAY that I didn't know better, but I still do. Can I rest easier knowing that my God is not only a loving God but a vengeful God also? That all His power is behind me? --------- Yes and no. Once I get "off the ledge" and talk myself down, I can…..but in the moments of the rage, of the blinding ignorance of others, my gut wants to react and react with force and ugliness. And in my heart, I know that I thought it, means just as much as if I had done anything about it. Sometimes that saddens me, sometimes it makes me feel like "WTF, I should do it anyways then". Yes, I struggle with my faith just as much as I struggle with my weight and health. I'm not perfect. But I can see that and own that. And move on and try better next time.

But for now, I want to be angry…I want to scream. I want to wrap my hands around a couple of scrawny necks and sqquuuueeeeeeeeezzzzeeeee until they turn blue, shake them, and ask them "WHY?".

For my friends……."I'll stand by you every step of the way." Working out last night, a heard a song that said it for me. "Lean on Me"….
Lean on me when you're not strong And I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on….If there is a load you have to bear That you can't carry I'm right up the road I'll share your load If you just call me….

For my enemies…..or should I say people who say they are your friend but will stab you in the back the first chance they get….."Get out of my way today. Today is a day where later I will thank God for Jesus' reconciling grace because for what I FEEL like doing, I'm gonna need it. And if you happen to cross me today, I can't promise that I'll be any better than YOUR behavior of late." And there was a song that expressed that for me last night too……"Hollaback Girl"… I heard that you were talking shit And you didn't think that I would hear it People hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up So I'm ready to attack, gonna lead the pack Gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out That's right, put your pom-poms down, getting everybody fired up

Needless to say last night's workout was GREAT! Lots of fast, angry music! Had to cut it short…hubby's class ended an hour and 40 minutes early…only got in 2 hours….. 20 minutes on the rower (GREAT core workout); 10k in 27 minutes on the Xtrainer at Level 7; and 60 minutes (13.5 miles) on the bike………………… I entered a Cumulative Ironman Triathalon Challenge at the gym. Runs February 1-April 2, 2010. I did the non-swimmer which means I have to row. ***I can/do swim but I wanted to focus on the total workout and didn't feel like getting in the pool after working out and then going out in the cold*** So in that time frame I needed to Row 15,000 meters; Bike 112 miles; Run/Walk 26.2 miles.

As of TODAY: I have ROWED: 19,920 meters; BIKED:
46.32 miles; and RUN/WALK: 30.02 miles. That means I have completed TWO of the THREE! I have 65.68 miles to go on the bike, but at a little over 12 miles per session, that's 5 sessions!!!! I'm setting a new goal of completing this challenge by MONTHEND.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

The More You Do. . . The More You Can Do. . .

I'm talking just about everything. Exercise, read, pray, work, play…whatever.

I have four kids…two are grown and gone and then twin 10 year old boys. We stay very active with their schedule of events. I even have to keep a Google Calendar for them, me, Dad, and other events so we can make sure we coordinate things…(It's also great to share with their closest friend's parents so if they want to know the boys can do something, you can usually pull up their calendar and tell, then email me.) In addition to the kids swimming, basketball, soccer, flag football, school activities, church activities, etc…..Dad is in school full-time, so I keep his class schedule on there and both of us work fulltime also. I serve on our pool Association BOD and in the past have been a PTF Fundraiser and a School Board director.----And all of those at the same time!

I'm no longer on the School board or the PTF fundraiser. The kids are only swimming and playing basketball right now. So why do I feel just as busy as when I cram in the other stuff? I figure it's the same philosophy of economics…you learn to live with what you have and adapt. I remember making $20k a year right out of high school….thought I was breaking the bank! I worked and went to school, both full-time, and had a baby (at 17---another story). My husband then (yep, I was married at 17) made another 25k. Our house payment (we did buy a house when I was 17 and he was 21—my MOM had to sign the contract for me since I was underage and not married when we put the contract in)…was $396 a month… J We were scraping by paycheck to paycheck but we did it. 20 years later, $396 wouldn't even pay my car payment right now…… and by no means do we scrape by, but if my husband or I lost our jobs, we'd be doing a little reorganizing. We've learned to live on our new income. Could I go back to 45k a year? If I had to….but I surely don't want to.

Same thing with our time……once I find a way to fit things in, I become accustom to it…and its second nature. Changing would require a lot of work………….

Its what I keep in my head while trying to form the new healthier habits I need to: exercise, eat well, rest, and relax. I'm a planner. I actually "schedule" these things on my Google calendar. But you know what? IT WORKS! I can plan around my kids activities, games, etc…and my other passion –"LOST"--- so if working out is on the calendar from 6-8pm and I've scheduled everything around it…..if I try to cancel it, I really feel badly because its not just me that's made concessions, its my whole family.

It might not work for everyone, but it does for me.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit: Something A Little Different

This guy cracks me UP! I love this post!!!!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit: Something A Little Different

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excuses, Excuses. . .

So I had every intention of getting to the gym lat night by 7pm and getting in about 2.5 hours of good cardio and weights…..Come to find out, my twins started feeling better and DIDN'T want to skip their basketball practice. When I had made my plans, they weren't going, so I had the night at the gym. At 5pm, I had to take a step back and reconfigure the evening. So the kids showed up with dear hubby at my work at 5pm and I took them to dinner---hamburger steak and manicotti (kid's sizes) for them and for me……grilled chicken with onions and mushrooms—no oil. At an Italian place. It wasn't on the menu, I just asked if I could get a plain piece of grilled or baked chicken….and the waitress suggested basically taking a breast of chicken and making a "chicken steak" sans gravy…..DELISH!!!!!

So then off to basketball practice…6-7pm. And with social time, we get out of there at 7:20. I drop them and run to the bathroom (important!!! before hitting the gym)….and race drive downtown to the gym. I get there and ready to go……except the stepper machines are all taken…. Don't these KIDS know I need to stick to my schedule? So I had to modify. And figured I had to modify anyway because I knew I couldn't be there til 10:30pm. So I hit the CrossTrainer---HARD! 10k in 28 minutes with Chest and Leg Strength turned on—which every minute alternates tripling the resistance for 15 seconds…..Cardio and resistance training…. Over 400 calories burned in the 28+5 (backwards—works difference muscles) minutes.

Now, that had me "in the target zone" especially with this congestion. So, wishing for more torture of a challenge, I headed to the step machine. And did I think, hmmm, maybe I should just get a good workout? Oh no, I decide that I can work through all this and actually increased the level I work on from 3 to 5. What can I say, cold medicine makes me do CRAZY things!!!???

Finished the 15 minutes on that…..which was what I had scheduled…15 minute warmup and 15 min cool down. So I was terribly proud of myself at that minute….Looking around, I could either head to the elliptical, treadmill, or weights……hmmm, I need to cut about an hour off the original plan…. So I decided to nix the couch to 5k and elliptical. So I headed to the weights….sans the rowing by the way…..and did 45 minutes worth of weight training.

By then I could feel that head of steam I had to start with was barely puttering. So I fell an hour short of my planned workout…..but I at least did something is my attitude. Much better than 2 months ago!

Life will throw us all changes. Remain fluid, adapt, change, and continue forward progress……Taking some more cold medicine this morning…Throat is killing me…..And tonite is a planned night off from going to the gym…(LOST!!!!!!) with some jump-roping and ab work at home….

Hoping everyone is having a WONDERFUL day! If I haven't told you so, I love reading the blogs. But I love hearing from you on mine even more! Sometimes it takes a while to move from watcher to participater ….. I openly invite you to jump on in!!!!



Monday, February 15, 2010

Fighting Something Off. . .

Sore throat today….don't feel a lot like blogging..

Quickly—this weekend was good. Had plans Friday night, no workout, but ate well for the day. Saturday, busy too, no workout, but ate okay—boredom set in and I let it get me but didn't go over 1500 calories thus the "okay", Sunday was great-hour of cardio and weight training (upper body) with my hubby while kids swam, ate well to boot. I do notice that I do NOT drink enough water on weekends…..

My kids have been fighting off something for a week or two, and I think I picked it up. Right now, sore throat and general tiredness. Still planning on working out tonight though. On tap for this evening---- Stair Stepper for 15 minute warm-up; CrossTrainer for 45 minutes; Couch to 5K for 30 minutes; Weight training (lower) for 30 minutes intermixed with Rowing for 30 minutes. I do the weight training and rowing together so the weight training actually has an aerobic quality to it……I'll be at the gym 2.5 hours. My hubby will be in class from 7pm-9:40p…… that gives me time to walk to the gym from our parking space and to walk back….we meet up almost perfectly on time.

Til tomorrow…..




Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Yogurt Debate of 2010 . .

So yesterday I detailed my freak out over yogurt. Yoplait Original Strawberry to be exact. I was cool with the 170 calories … after a few minutes of deep breathing … but then when I entered it into my caloriecount account, it told me 15 g of fat! That broke me. I eat a very low fat diet for a variety of reasons. I try to stay around 20 g. per day but ALWAYS stay under 30. So the fat I do eat, must be worth it. A small cup of yogurt=not worth it. Anyways, I couldn't get that damn yogurt out my head. I was telling my husband about it at the grocery store last night (following him attending class and me going to the gym for 2 hours—YAY me!!) As we were in the dairy section picking out my cottage cheese doubles---give them a try by the way, they TOTALLY changed how I feel about cottage cheese!—I even made a point of finding "MY" yogurt and the "CULPRIT" yogurt. Then I showed him and compared the numbers….100 calories, 1 g. fat vs. 170 calories and 15g fat…NO WAIT………that is 1.5 g fat….WTH???? Hmmm… guess I got the wrong one again…..

But you know what, I actually dreamed about YOGURT. In my dream, I was doing the calorie calculation 9 calories per gram of fat x 15 grams of fat = 135 calories… Hmmm… I know it has some protein also….. that's awful close to the 170. Fast forward to work this morning. Guess what I was doing? If you guess digging in the trash for the yogurt container, give that blog reader a prize! YEP, I was doing the dumpster dive…well, really the breakroom trashcan dive. Come to find out…. 170 calories and 1.5 g fat. WHEW….

So I went back to check caloriecount….and guess what…………THEY have it wrong. It's on there as 15g. So I do feel a little better. I knew I hadn't TOTALLY made up 15g. I made the adjustment to my food log for yesterday and VIOLA --- 21g of fat for the day!!!!

I feel so much better….

Should I also mention that I'm down a pound more today?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Figuring this all out. . .

Can I tell you how easily excitable I am? Perfect example...I learned how to post pics in my blog! I'm so proud of myself....too proud.

Here's a photo of my hubby and I in Hawaii on the mudbug tour. Everyone else was sitting on the thing, side by side, smiling taking a Vanilla! LOL.... so hubby and I decided to change it up a little bit.

When we got back (2 hours later) and much filthier!----They asked us to sign releases.....This is now a poster in their shop and used in their advertising.......
Love their motto "Do Something Dirty"


No, not this post…….FOOD LABELS!

Case in point…this morning as I was leaving the house, I proudly and responsibly picked out my breakfast and snacks for today. The only reason I didn't grab lunch…well, there was a Snow emergency yesterday, thus yesterday's lunch was still safely in the fridge at work…..but anyways…… So I grab me a Breakstones Low Fat Cottage Cheese and fruit Double (apple cinnamon—my FAVORITE!!!), a Yoplait Strawberry yogurt, and a 2%Milk Mozzarella cheese stick……I'm feeling awful proud of myself.

So I get to work…and proceed to eat the LF Cottage Cheese and fruit…by the way, I should add here, I HATE cottage cheese. Or at least, I used to. Once on this ride to health, I told myself…YES, told myself…I don't care if you like it or not, there are some things you just can't have and there are somethings you are going to have to like….. Come to find out…I like cottage cheese now. Even plain. But the Breakstone doubles make it ….doubly… better J

Today is "one of those" days for me. Women, you know what I'm talking about. Men, you know to avoid us during those days….. So around 10am, I pull out the yogurt and eat that. As I'm scraping the last little bit out……. I take a good look, a REALLY good look, at the label. First off…this thing is 170 calories…. I usually only report 100-120. Then I see the fat content……..15 freaky grams!!!!!! WT???? Seems I picked up my KIDS' yogurt thinking it was my Yoplait Light. They look the same except for that Light part.

So I'm kicking myself for not paying attention……But then again, isn't that EXACTLY how I got here? By either avoiding or not paying attention. 'Nuf said. It's over. It's done. It's not the end of the world. But tomorrow (and every other day) I know to look at what I'm grabbing to put into my mouth….

Snow Days. . .

If you watch the news, read the paper, listen to the radio…you've heard that the East Coast has recently been pummeled by snow storms. I live in Richmond, VA in the heart of the pummeling zone. Yesterday morning my kids got in their carpool vehicle and proceeded carefully to school (on the OTHER side of town), a light snow was falling, but no accumulation was expected. Uh-huh. On the way to school, light snow turned into a full blown BLIZZARD. Snow was falling heavily and quickly. The wind was gusting 30-40mph. Upon arrival to school, my kids' carpool was denied entrance into the parking lot and told to "turn around, school is now closed." Therefore, putting my two 10 year olds, another 10 year old, a 6 year old, a 7 year old, and an 8 year old …along with their 30-something driver, BACK on the roads that the school was saying was too dangerous…..WTH? Those kids cover 3 families…..not only did we have to go into emergency mode to find care at 8:15am in the morning when EVERYONE in Richmond was losing their minds (the local public schools pulled the same trick, once kids were ALREADY on the buses)……but it put all the kids on the road AND their parents back on the road to come get them….in the heart of the storm. Well, needless to say, 2 hours later, and after a brief stint in a ditch, I arrived back home with 6 kids in tow. I remember now why I couldn't be Catholic…..sorry, but its true. They were all good and no big deals BUT 6 kids is A LOT of kids! And a lot of noise, and a lot of disagreements over what to do….and they couldn't go outside because they were all in school uniforms (no appropriate boots)….they were are great kids. I'm just not a great parent. I'm a good parent but obviously not a great one. Six is too much for me.

Okay, so 'nuff of that. But you had to have the back story to get the reason I write about Snow Days……they suck as far as my being able to "manage" my eating. Yesterday I had 1500 calories. So you're rolling your eyes right? I religiously watch my intake and stick around 1200. 300 calories difference. I'm not beating myself up. What I am doing is recognizing that I eat when I'm bored. Now….what to do. Of course, don't get bored. But there's a backup plan too….when I do get bored. The rule is nothing that I wouldn't eat away from home…. Yes, HOME is my weak spot to speak. At work, I plan my meals…I bring breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and even my beverages (hot tea mostly but occasionally a Coke Zero). Its all I have available…what I bring. At home, its like a buffet. It's a self control issue. I need to control that urge to stand in front of the pantry and see what's good and then think I will just walk away……so NO MORE standing at the pantry (or fridge).

Its amazing how posting like this works for me. I'm all worked up…and yet just typing it is what I need to move the plan into motion…..The stress, the concern all dissipates as I spell out what I'm going to do different. It's a huge release.

I will highlite the positives of yesterday though……..because I could have been worse. So I will applaud my accomplishments but I will also recognize my weaknesses….. I fixed the kids a deep dish DiGiorno cheese pizza….. PIZZA is my all time favorite food… a previous lifetime I would have said it is a perfect food….grains, veggies, protein(meat), dairy….how COULD it be bad? LOL…we all know it can and is mostly bad. I didn't even take a taste, no licks of the sauce off the pizza cutter, no drip of cheese…NOTHING! I had fish for lunch. But then again, I had an ice cream sandwich later when all the kids had one………… I had salad and chicken for dinner. And a small piece (2 oz) of tuna for snack.

We stumble, we fall, we get up and do it over until we learn how to not stumble. Wiping myself off today and not looking back.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All or Nothing Type Gal. . .

That would be how I describe myself when it comes down to it. I'm either all in or all out. I probably wouldn't be a great gambler, so it's a good thing I've never been to Vegas. If I'm your friend, then through and through, I'm there. If not, WATCH OUT! I'm loyal to a tee, but give me reason to see you are not, and I'm outta there.

That said, I tend to be that way when trying to lose weight. I'm either at 150% or at 0%. I don't seem to be able to do a 75 or 80% effort. So for right now, I'd say I'm running right at 150%! But I'm going to embrace that and live with it and readjust my scale of what is success and what is not. On average, I'm eating 1200 calories per day and they are clean calories, though I might indulge every 3-4 days with some mini vanilla meringues (13 cookies-120 calories). The only other downfall, I like flavored creamer in my coffee…and not the dry stuff. So I compromise…I go with the sugar-free Vanilla creamer. It's a good compromise. I eat so much salad that farmers are sending me Valentines this year. But I find when I eat better, I crave GOOD food. Salads with grilled chicken on top with garbanzo and kidney beans, lots of onions and green peppers…YUM! And fat-free Kraft (yes, it is the best…I can definitely tell when its not Kraft) Ranch dressing.

In my hometown (Richmond, VA!) we have a grocery store called Ukrops (well, it just got sold, so I'm hoping it keeps a lot of the same stuff)…..and they do prepared foods like no other grocery store in the area. I can walk in and get grilled chicken—2 breasts already cooked prepackaged together. Go to the salad bar and get a huge salad. And viola---lunch and dinner for that day! They cut up fruit and make cups of any kind you could imagine. They also have a Chef's Case with the MOST amazing creations---one that I "found" a couple weeks ago---fruit coleslaw….no mayo! It's cabbage, apples, nuts, honey, pineapple juice…and I know I'm forgetting something else….but it is DELISH and really satisfies my sweet tooth!!!! They also have a killer curried chicken salad, which DOES have mayo…..but they also give free samples. SOOOO…I go and buy the coleslaw but only allow myself the mini-spoon sample of the curry chicken salad.

Said grocery store also has fresh made sandwiches and soups……the hearty black bean soup is OUT OF THIS WORLD and fantastically healthy. I have to add a protein (usually some sliced turkey or chicken breast) because I have a disorder that inhibits protein absorption, but otherwise, this is my ALL TIME favorite meal. It's amazing how much soup and salad can actually fill you up!

So anyways…I'm all in with my eating…and while for my usual standard this is eating 150% healthy. I understand that to maintain a healthy lifestyle this has got to become my 100%--my norm. I'm working on that.

The exercise side is coming along beautifully also. I'm averaging 4-5 days in the gym. My husband recently returned to school to get his degree in Homeland Security. His college (Virginia Commonwealth University) just had a MAJOR overhaul of its gyms (2). They reopened this semester and as his spouse and alumna, I got a KILLER rate on membership---under $240 a year!!!! If you're interested in seeing a gym done right…check out these pictures at . We've figured (my husband and I) a way that most of the time, I travel to campus with him and go to the gym while he is in class. He goes to class on M, W & Th evenings (7-9:40p). We are VERY LUCKY to have a wonderful family member who lives with us and can watch our twins (10 years old) during those periods. We get to see the boys from the time school ends at 3pm until around 6pm and do homework and dinner together. Then for bath-time and play-time and bed-time our Jennifer takes over while we go to campus. She's more of a big sister type to the boys and a daughter to us…..and she's indispensible and wonderful! I usually end up at the gym on Saturday and/or Sunday---depending on how I'm feeling that weekend. The gym also opens up on Sat. & Sun. for Family Days. Everyone can come in and workout (even the 10 year olds!) but mainly they come for the Aquatic Facility. It works out great! I work out for about 1 ½ hours while Dad and kids are in the pool downstairs and then I come down for about another 1 or so. It's great times. The aquatic area is HUGE and underutilized on weekends. They have big screen TVs, stereos, a mega slide, a VORTEX, lap lanes, basketball/rec areas, a hot tub……something for everyone!

On days in the gym, I'm always doing cardio. Last night we were on campus early---6pm. You should know, my husband HATES being late. If we are 15 minutes early for something, we are LATE in his book. I'm sure you'll hear more about this in the future, as I'm what I like to call "efficient" with my time, preferring more to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of something…..Anyways, the boys have a sinus infection and not lots of homework last night, so they were ready to get home, get fed, and get baths and into bed… Dan and I were parking on campus at 6pm. He walked to his class and I walked to the gym. From 6pm til 9pm I completed:

  • 5.8 miles, 310 calories, 30 min. – CrossTrainer
  • 4780 meters, 240 calories, 30 min – Rowing Ergometer
  • 1.05 miles, 147 calories, 20 min – Elliptical/Stepper
  • 1.5 miles, 250 calories, 28 minutes – Treadmill (varying inclines and some running (4mph))
  • 30 minutes of circuit training – legs
  • 15 minutes of GOOD stretching


That's pretty much how a night goes for me….alternating upper and lower body parts for the weight training and throwing in abs usually (the ab suite was FULL last night for some reason…thus the GOOD stretching in the stretch suite) And I left at 9. I added it up, that leaves 5 minutes unaccounted for…..which is the time walking around between equipment and getting settled, etc…..not too bad J


But this is the thing……for 4 weeks….YES, 4 weeks, my scale has not moved! NOT ONE SINGLE TICK. (well, okay, this morning it did, but my "official" weigh in is Sunday)….So why can I still the glass ½ full? ***Pettiness Alert*** Because on the rower last night this 18-19 year old girl sat on the rower beside me and I could literally SEE her think…"heh, this OLD lady can do this, I can do this!" ….. Well THIS old lady rowed for 30 minutes and that young girl had to quit at less than 10 min. Now, I didn't start on the rower doing 30 minutes either…and I won't stop at that time, I'd like to do more…I can REALLY feel it when I work hard on the rower. But I have to admit, I LOVED feeling STRONG and underestimated. Isn't that basically why I felt moved to begin this FINAL journey…… I can be old or I can be fat. BUT I won't be both at the same time! Since I don't foresee being able to turn back time, it's time I did something about being healthy, strong, and fit.


Exercise is a very personal thing to me. I talk to myself and sing and think and meditate…all in my head, but my lips do move sometimes J

I've found it very therapeutic when dealing with issues, people, situations where I have no control. And the endorphins kicking in provide a clarity that is undescribable. For the longest time I would hear runners talk about the "runner's high". Two years ago I completed the Couch to 5K training (WHICH IS FABULOUS!!!!!! And WORKS!!!!) and could run for 3 miles. Yes, I know, 3 miles is NOTHING. But when I started, running 60 seconds was hard… 3 MILES was 3 FRICKIN MILES!!! YEAH BABY!...believe me, I was PUMPED. Anyways…..not until the last week of a 8 week program did the endorphins hear they were supposed to show up to my party…..but when they finally started coming….MAN, they are right! It's pretty amazing. And now that they know its an open invitation, any good heart pumping cardio gets 'em there! so about an hour into any night, here they come………I can honestly say I can empathize with drug addicts…. I can see why they keep wanting their drug of choice…..


Anyways, the drive to push through is not always there, so I just convince myself to wait, the big E's will show up….sometimes late, but always show up……There's plenty of times when I want to just stop. Completely. I'm too OLD for this. Then I remember. I can be OLD but I can't be fat at the same time….and which is EASIER to change? J There are plenty of times when the 20-somethings are looking HARD at me at the gym…. my beet red face, running as fast as I can at intervals, having a conversation with myself with my lips moving….I know they are thinking…"Please God, don't let me get THAT for a teacher"….LOL. Either that or "Please God, don't let her die while I'm here"….. and this is the sadistic part………THAT keeps me going. I remember being that…..20 and invincible. And you know what……….Now I'm 40 (in March) and INVINCIBLE! I can do this. I will do this. I WILL NOT BE OLD AND FAT AT THE SAME TIME and since I can't turn back the clock, I'm settling for OLD J

In Honor of the SuperBowl

So, this is my BMI tracker from the date I've started (1/13/10) til now. I'll try to keep updating it during this journey.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Little About Me. . .

Hmmm…just to skim the surface

  • I'll be 40 in March (the "old" part)
  • I'm 178 lb (the "fat" part)
  • This is the very first time I've blogged
  • I'm very opinionated
  • I have no problems telling anyone (everyone?) those opinions
  • I admit that I cannot do anything alone, only through Jesus Christ, can I do everything!
  • I don't care if you don't share my Christian beliefs….as long as you don't mind that I don't share your ____ beliefs.
  • I love a good debate and am always willing to listen to the "other" side.
  • I'm a mother of 4; a grandmother of 2; and a wife to the most WONDERFUL man in the world. I met said husband through my first husband as we (1st hubby and I) and our marriage were circling the drain. I wouldn't give up the crap from my 1st husband because it would mean I would have never met Daniel. Sometimes worthy things are worth getting dirty.
  • I'm not perfect. I stumble and fall….OFTEN. I am harder on myself than any other person could be. BUT—I believe in the power of self, of choice, and of redemption. I am worthy. You are worthy.
  • My glass is always ½ full and I'm sure the waitress is coming with more.
  • I'm actually very shy but find that social media sites allow those with painful shyness to blossom…this is my try.



Testing from Word

So I'm new to all this, if you can't tell…..this posts from word.

And if I update it? Way cool!

This is a Test

This is a test to see if I actually just set me up a Blog.....Over the next couple of entries, I'll be trying out the features......See you again soon!