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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got Mad, Now Getting Even

So if you read my blog yesterday, you noticed that I was a little upset….at the scale, at myself, at no progress.

I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know I took that anger and turned it into determination. I ate well yesterday and went to the gym last night, even though I still feel that it is doing no good……but I refuse to give up. One way or the other, I will do this.

Started with 30 min. on the Crosstrainer, which I absolutely love. Finished 7.5 miles in 30 minutes, got the heart rate pumping and was sweating enough to make the Hot Yoga class jealous. Moved onto Couch25K run…and since I took 2 weeks off from running, I went back to Week3 Day3. And fully did it. I even kicked up the speed on both the walking and running parts since I was doing a "do over". I'll pick up and continue from this point forward. Then I moved on to the Arc Trainer (thanks to Tony over at The Anti-Jared who shared his favorite piece of equipment a couple of days ago in his blog). Seems our gym has two versions of this thing…one with stationary handrails and one with moving ones. I did the stationary one---just to get use to the movement and such. I was able to crank up the incline and resistance fairly high at times, but the machine self regulated since I was on "cardio" program and kept bringing it back down….I guess next time I'll do manual program. Finished things up with a nice bike ride…….

So, I'm back on the wagon friends… my new water bottle beside me here and have committed to cutting out all drinks of any type until I've got a minimum of 64 oz of water down….then I will allow myself some decaf tea or one can Coke Zero. Brought my lunch—which has been and probably always will be a large tossed salad filled with veggies and chickpeas with a chicken breast overtop. Didn't get my protein this morning but I did get two pieces of 9 grain toast. Thinking I'll get a snack in a few minutes—brought some kiwi slices.

How 'bout you? What do you do following disappointment? Are you a "get-up and dust yourself off" type person or does it take a while? I can be both. This time I choose to not give in.

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