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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Say What You Want About Getting Mad. . .

It makes me Get Even.
After Monday's post, I was obviously feeling sorry for myself.  But holding myself accountable also.
Since then I have been to the gym every evening and monitored my food intake and journaled it all.  I've also consciously counted and increased my water intake.  
Results?= HECK YEAH!
And at this point in time, I needed results.  No matter what they were, just needed them.  What results?  Scale (YES, my name is Susan and I'm a scaleaholic) showed I'm back down to 175.  Just 1 lb. over where I had been before I threw it all away for Easter week.
I know, I know....water weight, sodium intake, muscle swelling, whatever.  You can't loose 8lb in 3 days.  It's not about that.  It's about getting back what I had worked for THREE months to achieve without feeling desperation and a desire to chuck it all.
Last night was a killer cardio session.  Again, thanks to Tony at The Anti Jared, I've found the Arc trainer, which really eats up calories!  
What I found even more satisfying last night---I outworked my Ipod battery.  Now, albeit I watched an episode of LOST and listened to music the rest of my 2.5 hour session---I got a 20% warning with 20 minutes left in the workout.  I finished before it died, but part of me wanted to go on until I was the victor.  What can I say?----I'm competitive even with things that can't actually compete.  Sue me.

I saw an ad the other day for a job that wanted an an acronym for the applicant.  I thought that was interesting and even though I wasn't applying for the job, I sat down and did one for me.....
I -Intelligent
D- Determined
E- Enthusiastic
A- Amusing
L- Laughable

I think that I've definitely earned the DETERMINED in the past 3 days.
What's YOUR acronym?

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