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Monday, February 22, 2010

I’m a Techno-Geek. . .

I love anything computerized, softwarized, ipodized! J

My best friend is an amazingly fit woman. She wonderfully helps me with any questions I have about eating, working out, weights, cardio….whatever. I should also mention she has been a workout instructor in her "spare" time and for "fun" for many, many, many years. And she does this in a way that is so helpful and non-threatening that I feel 150% convinced that whatever she tells me is going to work. And it always has and does!

So Friday I asked her…..okay, so I've been doing cardio and some light weight training. I'm ready to kick it up. What should I do? Simple answer from her is check out She says that's what she follows. WHAT???!!!! All this time there is a website out there to tell me exactly what to do? And I can look like you? Sign me up regardless of cost. Guess what?? This site is FREE! Totally…downloads and all. It is backed by EAS (supplements, bars, stuff like that…) but the information on eating and working out…FREE!

I downloaded their suggested workout. And I made it mine. I like to consider myself something of an Excel programming whiz. So I took their simple 84 day download and added some drop down lists instead of having to look up the exercises each time. Easy-peasy. I also color coded the tabs so I know easily what I'm doing what day without even opening the tab. I also combined cardio and workout days on the days I know I'll be doing both. And I changed the amount of time for cardio….they say 20 minutes is sufficient but I like to go for 30 at least (the whole endorphin thing kicks in for me around then).

Anyways…..a note on the workouts. THEY WORK! Saturday I did about 45 minutes of cardio and then moved on to the lower body workout. With very minimal weights. Quads---dumbbell squats with 7.5lb on each shoulder. Leg press-140lb (but that's only 12) and my legs were shaking at the end. I started the lunges for hamstrings with the 7.5lb also….but had to dump them after the 1st 2 sets….but I completed the sets. My friend had said that body weight was plenty starting off, I had just thought I could do more….finished the rest of the lower body no problems….those lunges about killed me though….

Then on to the ab work. I actually double or even tripled the amount of ab work…..mainly because I feel that and my thighs are my problem areas….and no matter how much my brain tells me that I can't spot reduce…..I still stubbornly try. Abs are amazing. Do you know they are the ONLY muscles in the body you can NOT overwork? You can work them every day….unlike your other major muscles. So I did crunches, reverse crunches, Marvin Haglers (bicycles), flutter kicks, military holds, planks, side planks……. And if you think that can't make you sweat…'re wrong!

Felt a little stiff Saturday evening from the workout…but a good stiff……….Then Sunday around 4:30pm (about 24 hours after the workout) BAM! The soreness set in my legs…..for any of those who have been there…. you know what I'm talking about. You get about 4 inches from the chair and "drop" the rest of the way and then you pray you don't need to get up for about 4 days. Walking up stairs is difficult….walking down the stairs I "ouch"ed each step—loudly. Why should I be the only one in the house to suffer? Funny, my abs didn't hurt. Until I tried showing my husband an ab exercise I saw a pair performing…..THEN I felt them! Oh yeah, I worked those babies too!

Still fighting a cold….upper body this morning feels like I've been whipped with chains due to congestion. My teeth even hurt. And my lower body is hurting but feeling good at the same time…

Gotta miss the gym tonite due to the kiddos' schedule and my work that has geared up right now. Looking forward to going tomorrow for upper and cardio workout. I'm sure come Thursday morning, you'll hear me complain about how much my arms, chest, and shoulders hurt…..probably is a very short posting J

Getting back to my Title..................bodyforlife has their website. But they also have a free Ipod download. That's pretty good. I tried it. But for $.99 they also have a more functional app. I paid for it. THAT's FABULOUS! I have a couple of fitness apps. I use them all. I have a quick reference guide for exercises by muscle which helps ALOT if the gym is full and I can't do one of the exercises I've pre-planned to do....there's always something to back it up with.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend. It's shaping up to be a GLORIOUS week!


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