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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Basking in the Glow. . .

Yep, this morning I am basking in the glow of self-accomplishment friends. Last night I continued my trek by completing the Day 1 workout of Body for Life. I completed the entire Day 1 PLUS 30 minutes running program (week 3 day 1) of Couch to 5K AND 30 minute random interval training on the CrossTrainer.

Thoughts on the workout – I don't think I started with enough weights. I did mostly cabled machine exercises. I had wanted to use the dumbbells…..but…..quite honestly, because I can be honest with YOU right?..... There were A LOT of young male kids hanging out around the dumbbells. Experienced, well built, those who "know" what they're doing types….. and I was….well, intimidated. Now I don't usually have this problem. I'm fairly outspoken and confident. But I just couldn't go over there, pick up 4 sets of dumbbells and plop down on one of the benches…..dumb right? But, I did at least, find a comfort zone AND get the workout done. Just used the machines instead. Anyways, the machines of course use pulley systems so the weights work WAY differently. When I had planned to start with 5, 7.5, 10, & 12.5 dumbbells—I was at a loss as to what to do with the machines….so I just guessed….and probably to the low side. But now I know. And I did take my workout sheet with me. And I did make notes about the weights and I've entered that into my log. Now, next time, I can make my plan out with the machine or the dumbbells (Yes, Friends, I plan on venturing into that unknown territory yet again, and again and again until I CAN feel comfortable there).

Ate clean yesterday! More calories than I would have normally allowed but after A LOT of reading, I've decided to limit my calorie deficit to around 1000 per day. So my intake yesterday was just under 1600. My RMR (I wish I could have it done professionally like Tommy at I Hate Green Apples) but I estimate it based on my weight at just over 1500 per day + burn of 1100 more. So roughly, I should have a deficit yesterday of around 1100. And if I maintain that average x 6 days a week ( I do take off one day completely) = 6600. Divide that by 3500 to get total weight loss in pounds of 1.89lb. Close to 2 lb. per week. I can deal with that. As much as I'd LOVE to say 5, 6, 7 lb a week. I know that is unrealistic, unhealthy, and just plain un-American (I have a flair for the dramatic).

Now, feeling a little like Einstein that I got that 1)all figured out and 2)actually track it daily in a spreadsheet……makes me wonder why it NEVER really works that way.

Couple other random thoughts --- I tend to have about 5,698,572 running around in my head at any time.

  • Greta over at Big Bottom Blogger is AMAZINGLY courageous. I can't fathom the moxie it takes to plaster pictures of your butt on the internet. Heck, I can't face looking at my own myself sometimes. But I will admit, it fascinates me how much of a difference Greta has made and I look at her butt all the time
  • I like the feel of post-workout soreness the day after.
  • Why is it that you can't overwork ab muscles? Every other muscle group in the body you can…but not abs……why?
  • Would a true "reality" show on weight loss work? Put together amazingly REAL people doing amazingly REAL eating, working (you know at their JOBS), exercising and getting real about the problems that put them where they are…….would it work? Would people watch?
  • If obesity is a national health crisis and EVERYONE is concerned about it. How come EVERYONE charges for every new product that comes along…..I mean if (–sorry Jillian, because I really do like you---YOU are what I need from a trainer when I don't want to do something) if Jillian Michaels has the SURE FIRE workout to make you look like her (face it ladies, it's what we really want)… come it costs so much, has 267 other things to go along with it, etc?
  • On the same note…………………why allow some fly-by-night company to put you on FASTING supplements or weight loss pills? COME ON….the money you make is worth your integrity, your ideals, your name?????
  • The amount of water I drink per day affects my running (BREATHING) ability. I need to kick it up and pay attention to getting MORE water!

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