This is a Marathon not a Sprint. . .

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excuses, Excuses. . .

So I had every intention of getting to the gym lat night by 7pm and getting in about 2.5 hours of good cardio and weights…..Come to find out, my twins started feeling better and DIDN'T want to skip their basketball practice. When I had made my plans, they weren't going, so I had the night at the gym. At 5pm, I had to take a step back and reconfigure the evening. So the kids showed up with dear hubby at my work at 5pm and I took them to dinner---hamburger steak and manicotti (kid's sizes) for them and for me……grilled chicken with onions and mushrooms—no oil. At an Italian place. It wasn't on the menu, I just asked if I could get a plain piece of grilled or baked chicken….and the waitress suggested basically taking a breast of chicken and making a "chicken steak" sans gravy…..DELISH!!!!!

So then off to basketball practice…6-7pm. And with social time, we get out of there at 7:20. I drop them and run to the bathroom (important!!! before hitting the gym)….and race drive downtown to the gym. I get there and ready to go……except the stepper machines are all taken…. Don't these KIDS know I need to stick to my schedule? So I had to modify. And figured I had to modify anyway because I knew I couldn't be there til 10:30pm. So I hit the CrossTrainer---HARD! 10k in 28 minutes with Chest and Leg Strength turned on—which every minute alternates tripling the resistance for 15 seconds…..Cardio and resistance training…. Over 400 calories burned in the 28+5 (backwards—works difference muscles) minutes.

Now, that had me "in the target zone" especially with this congestion. So, wishing for more torture of a challenge, I headed to the step machine. And did I think, hmmm, maybe I should just get a good workout? Oh no, I decide that I can work through all this and actually increased the level I work on from 3 to 5. What can I say, cold medicine makes me do CRAZY things!!!???

Finished the 15 minutes on that…..which was what I had scheduled…15 minute warmup and 15 min cool down. So I was terribly proud of myself at that minute….Looking around, I could either head to the elliptical, treadmill, or weights……hmmm, I need to cut about an hour off the original plan…. So I decided to nix the couch to 5k and elliptical. So I headed to the weights….sans the rowing by the way…..and did 45 minutes worth of weight training.

By then I could feel that head of steam I had to start with was barely puttering. So I fell an hour short of my planned workout…..but I at least did something is my attitude. Much better than 2 months ago!

Life will throw us all changes. Remain fluid, adapt, change, and continue forward progress……Taking some more cold medicine this morning…Throat is killing me…..And tonite is a planned night off from going to the gym…(LOST!!!!!!) with some jump-roping and ab work at home….

Hoping everyone is having a WONDERFUL day! If I haven't told you so, I love reading the blogs. But I love hearing from you on mine even more! Sometimes it takes a while to move from watcher to participater ….. I openly invite you to jump on in!!!!




  1. Holy cow. I can't believe you're getting as much time in at the gym as you are. For me, a long workout is an hour if I'm lucky. I have been known to get in for as little as 20 minutes.

    I'm also super excited for Lost tonight. Maybe I'll be able to get to the gym before it starts. Maybe.

    Keep up the good work and don't burn yourself out at the gym.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it is always great to find another blog of another like-minded person!

    Congratulations on your progress to date, and on getting to the gym last night. A lot of people would have given up and not gone when their plans were force-changed like that!

    And, a plan to spend 2.5 hours at the gym - wow, that's a mammoth session!