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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Yogurt Debate of 2010 . .

So yesterday I detailed my freak out over yogurt. Yoplait Original Strawberry to be exact. I was cool with the 170 calories … after a few minutes of deep breathing … but then when I entered it into my caloriecount account, it told me 15 g of fat! That broke me. I eat a very low fat diet for a variety of reasons. I try to stay around 20 g. per day but ALWAYS stay under 30. So the fat I do eat, must be worth it. A small cup of yogurt=not worth it. Anyways, I couldn't get that damn yogurt out my head. I was telling my husband about it at the grocery store last night (following him attending class and me going to the gym for 2 hours—YAY me!!) As we were in the dairy section picking out my cottage cheese doubles---give them a try by the way, they TOTALLY changed how I feel about cottage cheese!—I even made a point of finding "MY" yogurt and the "CULPRIT" yogurt. Then I showed him and compared the numbers….100 calories, 1 g. fat vs. 170 calories and 15g fat…NO WAIT………that is 1.5 g fat….WTH???? Hmmm… guess I got the wrong one again…..

But you know what, I actually dreamed about YOGURT. In my dream, I was doing the calorie calculation 9 calories per gram of fat x 15 grams of fat = 135 calories… Hmmm… I know it has some protein also….. that's awful close to the 170. Fast forward to work this morning. Guess what I was doing? If you guess digging in the trash for the yogurt container, give that blog reader a prize! YEP, I was doing the dumpster dive…well, really the breakroom trashcan dive. Come to find out…. 170 calories and 1.5 g fat. WHEW….

So I went back to check caloriecount….and guess what…………THEY have it wrong. It's on there as 15g. So I do feel a little better. I knew I hadn't TOTALLY made up 15g. I made the adjustment to my food log for yesterday and VIOLA --- 21g of fat for the day!!!!

I feel so much better….

Should I also mention that I'm down a pound more today?

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