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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Little About Me. . .

Hmmm…just to skim the surface

  • I'll be 40 in March (the "old" part)
  • I'm 178 lb (the "fat" part)
  • This is the very first time I've blogged
  • I'm very opinionated
  • I have no problems telling anyone (everyone?) those opinions
  • I admit that I cannot do anything alone, only through Jesus Christ, can I do everything!
  • I don't care if you don't share my Christian beliefs….as long as you don't mind that I don't share your ____ beliefs.
  • I love a good debate and am always willing to listen to the "other" side.
  • I'm a mother of 4; a grandmother of 2; and a wife to the most WONDERFUL man in the world. I met said husband through my first husband as we (1st hubby and I) and our marriage were circling the drain. I wouldn't give up the crap from my 1st husband because it would mean I would have never met Daniel. Sometimes worthy things are worth getting dirty.
  • I'm not perfect. I stumble and fall….OFTEN. I am harder on myself than any other person could be. BUT—I believe in the power of self, of choice, and of redemption. I am worthy. You are worthy.
  • My glass is always ½ full and I'm sure the waitress is coming with more.
  • I'm actually very shy but find that social media sites allow those with painful shyness to blossom…this is my try.



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