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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Doing. . . Instead of Writing About It

That's why I haven't posted in a couple days.

Instead of just writing about what I want to change about my lifestyle, about me…….I've actually been DOING it!

The weekend started off wonderfully! Friday night my SIL came and spent the night with us as she had an EARLY flight Saturday morning. She lives on the other side of town and we live about 10 minutes from the airport, although you'd never know it….our house is sorta rural. We had a great meal..salad, baked sweet potatoes (which I got NONE of since my kids all of a sudden decided that baked sweet potatoes are AWESOME!!) and grilled steak…..I think I had green beans instead of the potatoes, which actually worked out well.

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to get SIL to airport and then we packed up the trailer with bikes and headed to the BEACH! Yes my friends, the weather was GORGEOUS here and there! 75° and light breeze. We packed (healthy!) lunches and ate on the beach, beachcombed for about a mile, and then did a 10 mile mountain bike trail. The kids threw the football back and forth and got ice cream popsicles…… it couldn't have been a more glorious day! We were out of the house by 9am and didn't get back til 7pm. I pan seared some scallops and shrimp with tequila lime dry seasoning with only a touch of EVOO and once everything was steamed and cooked, through in a bag of Latino frozen veggies. Served that over whole wheat pasta……….MMMMHMMMMM good! Well, I thought so at least, and so did DH. The kids turned their noses up. So what did they eat? Mozzarella sticks w/marina and ranch dressing. Hey, they're kids…and it was Saturday. And they had a friend over. I like being the "cool" Mom J. And we did ride 10 miles that day. I won't even begin to tell you that I also got them an ice cream birthday cake for their birthday dessert…..Choices.

Sunday was filled also……Up early and visiting a new church---long story. Took the twins out for their 10th birthday lunch at Texas Roadhouse. And yes, I had a roll with cinnamon butter. Just one and just a little – compared to what I would have done months ago…and then followed up with a salad and grilled chix breast….so all in all, still BETTER (not the best) choices. Then I blew leaves for about 2 hours…with a backpack blower… Great upper body workout. Told my husband I feel like I should have RUN back and forth while doing it and then it would have REALLY been a workout J.

Work is busy right now---we have a HUGE trade show in May.

If I miss a day or two, I'll be back.

I'm still on track…still not losing. I do have a dr. appt. today, so I'll mention it (follow up for another issue). Just finished New Rules of Lifting for Women……starting a new workout Wednesday night and hoping THAT helps make a change.

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