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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things That Have Changed. . .


Pizza -Just about any kind from anywhere. Pizza is was my all time favorite food. I wouldn't scarf down a whole one or anything but I could eat close to half if allowed to. Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Thin Crust was my weapon of choice but there's a grocery store around town here that makes an amazing Veggie Pie also. I have since given up the PH pizza and found that the veggie pizza is made with 2% cheese….while the stats aren't great, 1/6 of their pizza is 430 calories; 15g fat; 25g of protein; 490mg sodium. If I'm working out that day and I'm "clean" on the rest of my day's food, I've conceded that once in a while (in my head that is 2 times a month) will allow myself a slice of pizza (which is the 1/6th serving).

Rice/pasta/potatoes I group these all into the same category.. I'm a carb addict. I know it and I admit it. But I also have an iron deficiency so I have to focus on really getting in my protein and iron every day. I could live on pizza, pasta, potatoes and rice. With the these I've learned to make better and smaller choices. Potatoes are now ½ baked potato with A-1 sauce. Try it, its great! A-1, while higher in sodium, is no fat. I REALLY watch my fat intake but monitor my sodium. In the course of 95% of my days, the sodium intake is just fine with watching it, I don't have to make major changes. But the fat intake, I really have to pick and choose. Rice is brown whole grain rice now. Pasta is now whole wheat, or even better, use spaghetti squash. And let's face it….it isn't the same thing, but it's a reasonable accommodation that I think tastes GREAT!

Mindless foods There's no particular food….just those that are "easy". Pop-tarts, crackers & squeeze cheez---(yes, I loved that stuff), spaghetti-o's, ramen noodles, and I could go on and on. I've just resolved that if the processing and preservatives can make CHEESE shelf stable, what the h#(( is it doing to my insides? That pretty much makes the urge to eat the junk go away.

Soda/Pop/Coke I call it Coke but really I drink Coke Zero. And where I'm from, you call all sodas either Pepsi or Coke….strange how local areas have their own way of doing that….When I lived in MN it was pop. Anyways…. I would drink 4-5 a day. Now I allow myself 1 a day but usually I drink about 1 every other day. My husband used to give me a hard time about opening one and taking a few sips and letting the rest go flat. I told him its worth it to me to take the sip and throw away $1 worth of soda than to buy 5-6 a day and actually drink them…..I'll take throwing away the $1 any day.

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  1. I absolutely love pizza. I try to not keep it any of it around because I just may eat the whole thing. Okay, that may not be entirely true b/c I bought some PH pizza for my wife and a friend and it sat in the fridge for a couple days and I held from it.

    I also love soda/pop/Pepsi. I gave up Mountain dew last May but all other soda I continued to drink until January 1st. Now, I drink 1 12 oz Sprite a day -- and about once every two weeks a root beer or something. I can't get over that in one 20oz of soda that it is the equivalent of 1 cup of sugar. crazy.

    good post.