This is a Marathon not a Sprint. . .

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Successful Weekend. . .

Headed out of work Friday afternoon with BIG plans…….a good cardio workout and weight training for Friday night. My kids went to a basketball game with a friend (double header actually) and my husband was at work but when he got off, needed to do some studying. So I headed to the gym. First off, I did pat myself on the back a little bit. I would have normally just hunkered down at home with some good ol' high calorie high fat foods and done NOTHING. Vegged out in front of the TV maybe. Instead I completed Week 3 Day 3 of the Couch to 5K program……Have I said enough how much I LOVE this running program?......then jumped into a really good upper body workout…..then moved on to an INTENSE 40 minute Crosstrainer cardio session, ended up by a 60 minute bike ride……Everything but the bike ride was "normal". I added the bike ride on because our gym has a Cumulative Ironman Triathalon challenge going on February – April. I have finished everything but, I'm sure you guess, the bike ride……a total of 112 miles is needed. After my ride Friday night (and another shorter one yesterday) I only have 21.77 miles left…. But I had been hoping to finish the challenge in one month instead of three. Not too shabby though… I have rowed 15,000+ meters and walk/run 26.2+ miles. I'll finish the biking this week for sure though.

I skipped working out Saturday all together as I had concession stand duty for my twins' basketball team. On a great note: I didn't eat ONE thing from the stand. Nothing, nada, zip, zero. My hubby made me a turkey sandwich round and brought that and some baked chips to me for lunch.

Sunday I convinced DH that having him workout with me is very important to me….and good for me….but mostly important to me. (Hey, at least I can own that) So he, after 8 hours at work, agreed to meet me at the gym and follow my workout regime. I did pare it down considerably. We started with 15 min. warmup on the Crosstrainer and moved on to the lower body/ab workout routine. DH works for the local phone company and they have "testing" this Thursday on pole-climbing (SERIOUSLY!) and he was afraid he'd be sore, so I had him do my weight load instead of what he probably should have done. DH is mucho strong in the legs….not a bit of flab or fat to be seen. Poor thing, barely has an ass either……..he carries most all of his weight around the "spare tire" area. He was in the army when he was younger and became a GREAT runner….if any of you have been in the army, you'll probably know what I mean…he became the all-time crossing guard because his endurance and speed was so much higher than the rest of the platoon. Lost a TON of weight FAST there. Needless to say, he BREEZED through the lower body weight sets….. But then we hit the abs….and I've been working at this about 4-5 weeks longer than he has….I am by NO MEANS tight but I was able to outlast him in the ab workout. And I do more ab workout than called for on the sheet….because my abs just need that much more work…..(Thanks to FOUR kids, one set of twins!)

From there, we climbed on to the treadmill. And even though I was going to move on to Week4 Day1 of C25K, I decided that would be morale shattering for me if I was on Week 1 day 1 struggling and the person besides me was breezing through day 1 of week 4. So I decided to step back down to W1D1. And you know what, it was FUN! We walked at the same time, ran at the same time. I was able to work on my "speed". Up to this point, I'm not a fast runner or even a slow runner. I'd call myself a mediocre jogger. But yesterday I stepped it up! Two notches! I walked at 4mph and RAN, yes, you saw it here first, RAN at 6mph. Albeit it was running for one minute every 90 seconds for 20 minutes, but I DID IT! And I'm going to OWN that too! DH did the entire W1D1 and it was tough. I remember being there. You think running for one minute is easy peasy if you do no other exercise? Go do it---Walk 90 seconds in between and do it again….8 times! He wanted to stop after run 5, run 6, and run 7. But I convinced him each time he was one round closer to stopping….he could do it! And in the end he did! I was so happy for him and me! I was proud of him…and still am. He was 20-something in the army. He's 40-something now. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!! But he's giving it a try! And we're spending time together doing it!

Today he's back at work and so am I. But we've decided that no matter what it takes, we're going to figure out how we can work-out at least an hour a day together.


  1. It's cool to have someone to work out with. keep it up.

  2. I wish I could talk my man into working out with me...hell I have a hard enough time getting him to eat right.
    Congrats on the concession stand triumph!