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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lift Like a Man . . .

I've been reading New Rules of Lifting for Women…'s "motto" is Lift Like a Man….Look Like a Goddess.

My only comment…….only if that Goddess is Venus de Milo (you know the one WITHOUT any arms). Because right now, after putting down the "barbiebells" and picking up the manly weights, I'm ready to just about cut off my arms. But then again, that would require LIFTING something. Something probably heavy. And I'm not ready to do that yet…at least not until tomorrow night J

Yes, it's a good sore. And in some sort of SICK, SICK way, I'm looking FORWARD (wth????) to tonight when I do lower body…..I can imagine it now…..squats, lunges, ughhhhhh…I can almost feel it. And tonite that means using the barbell. I'm not much on those. When I was around 9 I sat on a weight bench at the head….which was cantilever to the rest of the bench….and the bench flipped. The barbell was resting on the Y shaped things….it came off….and hit me in the mouth. It broke off my left front tooth halfway. My mouth wouldn't stop bleeding. Ended up in the ER. Had several caps over the years and eventually had a root canal and implant put in…..That my friends is my last encounter with the barbell. Unfortunately, I'm feeling like that will be the GOOD run in after tonite J

I'm not exactly the most graceful or balanced…..but I'm sure working on strength and stability will improve that. So DH is coming with me tonite and assisting with the spotting just to make sure I don't kill anyone else…or myself for that matter.

Tomorrow's post should be interesting…..I've filtered the content with a warning in anticipation of such need J

What are you doing to push yourself?

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  1. Pushups, free weights, and exercise ball are all good ways to develop better stability and core strength.