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Friday, March 5, 2010

In a Holding Pattern. . .

As you can tell, all my posts don't deal with losing weight exclusively. And sometimes different topics are unilaterally applicable to various things.

Right now, I'm in a holding pattern.

With my weight loss, which while is evident from the way my clothes fit (and having to get smaller jeans) and the way I look (everyone has said something) that my best friend and worst enemy, all at the same time, the scale REFUSES to move yet again.

I swear I could go back, copy posts from 3 weeks ago, and paste them in. It's a definite trend on my weight loss monitor. I lose well for one week, lose slightly the next week and hold for three to four weeks.

I honestly can't figure this out. I am working hard at making changes. I eat much better. I am at the gym on average 5 times a week.

I am getting stronger. I am no longer sore when I do my weight training. I can do four times as much ab work as I used to. I can run for 5 minutes at a time at 4.5mph, with 2.5 minute rests in between. I can climb 100 flights of stairs without passing out, and I have completed a Triathlon in a month……but I still wait for the approval of a $50 pound scale? I truly must be insane.

Of course the other alternative is that there is a conspiracy somewhere made up of my enemies (of which, I must confess, I can make MANY due to my openness). And said enemies have snuck into my house and rigged, YES, RIGGED my scale to read the same exact thing for weeks on end. Hmmpph… Little do they know, that from this day forward…. The scale rules me no more.

Oh, I will use it. I will notice my weight. But that's it. No living and dying by the scale. In fact, I think I'm putting that thing away. Weigh ins are ONLY allowed every other'll kill me at first. But you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. PURRRRRRR is all I can say.

Busy weekend. But as always, I've got a plan to conquer it! Twins have a basketball game tonite at 6, so we're headed to the local Italian restaurant—Roma's—here in our little town. It's ABSOLUTELY the best! The owner is always around. She is GRAND! The staff are wonderful! The food---well, the food is AMAZING! But my favorite thing about them lately-----when I explained to the waitress last week I was eating healthier….she and the kitchen staff were more than happy to grill me a chicken breast with onions and mushrooms—no oils and I tacked on a green salad with vinegar & oil for dressing even though none of that was on the menu….and it was reasonably priced. Hubby is doing Atkins---which works for him but not for me. They have a hamburger steak with onions (no gravy) and a double order of broccoli for him. He says it is out of this world good. And the twins, their favorite is pizza or pasta. So we'll all leave happy and fed. While DH and I watch what the twins eat, we're very careful about imprinting our unhealthy attitudes about food on them. They are free to order most anything they want….because they are SOOO active and burn off amazing amounts of calories. But they also know they are expected to eat well. So with their pizza or pasta I know they both will be getting salads.

Saturday is yet another basketball game. Early – 9am. Just checked my Google Calendar---which by the way, if you don't use, you should! My kids, DH, and I all have one that we share with each other. It makes keeping track of events, no matter where you are, EASY!!!!! I can use my Ipod to input things away from home. I LOVE IT!!!!! At noon, my gym has a Yoga class that I might try to make. Later that night, 8pm or so, the granddaughters are coming and spending the night.

Sunday, DH works….and the rest of us will head off to church. Daughter will come get grandkids. We'll eat something at home (Right now turkery and LF swiss on an all-grain sandwich round is my thing) and then head off to the Awards Banquet for basketball. That ends at 5 or so. At 7 we're meeting our older kids and their SO at a chain called Dave & Busters. It's an arcade/restaurant for adults. I've been told they have salads. I'm sure they can grill a piece of chicken.

I've found that if I plan it all out (for food) I tend to be much more successful. Failure to plan = Planning to fail.

I'm so happy today is Friday. It's supposed to touch 60!!!!! All weekend and Monday! Sounds like we might have A LOT of cases of Spring Fever coming up around here in Richmond, VA!

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  1. I think one thing that trumps many people's weight loss is that they are too scared to ask for a specific meal at restaurants. Most restaurants want to make their customer's happy and are willing to accomodate if it means more money for them - I would at least.

    I'm glad you are not living by the scale...that is a larger setback in weight loss for a lot of people because they think that the scale will make them happy. The scale only measures weight -- nothing else. Do not base your life on a needle, numbers, and plastic.

    Control what you can, do what's right, and live life.

    Okay -- I hope you know that wasn't directed towards you...just in general for all to hear.

    Obviously, nice post.