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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Things

I saw this over at Tyler's blog and thought it'd be fun. Here's some random useless facts about me.

  • had a job since I was old enough to get a work permit and work—15 years old.
  • bought my first car myself.
  • It was a 1969 Mustang Grande. Blue. Beautiful.
  • The girl around the street loved it too. She paid me 2.5 times what I paid for it one week after I bought it.
  • Took the money and bought a 1969 convertible Kharman Ghia....LOVED that car too!
  • Pocketed the rest of the cash.
  • Was 16 when I got pregnant with my daughter.
  • Was 17 when I had her.
  • Got married at 4pm on New Years Eve because my 1st husband said if I didn't marry him by the end of that year, he wouldn't marry me.
  • That ended in divorce 7 years later.
  • Also had a son three years after getting married.
  • Met my 2nd husband only because of being married to my 1st husband – they were friends of friends.
  • My 1st husband and 2nd husband were roommates after 1st husband and I were separated.
  • Fixed my 2nd husband up with my best friend during that same time.
  • Knew when I saw DH2 that there was "something" about him and that he was special!
  • There is still SOMETHING about him! And he is still special!
  • DH2's parents were married 55years before his Dad passed away in an awful accident.
  • I think DH2's parents are WONDERFUL and set an amazing example for their children regarding marriage and relationships.
  • I LOVE my Mother In Law and can't imagine having a stereotypical one.
  • DH2 & I tried for a year before getting pregnant.
  • Twins run in DH's family --- but he didn't know that til we got pregnant with twins also.
  • Charles Dickens is (supposedly) my great-great-great-great-great uncle.
  • Love to read!
  • Hate to be read to.
  • I've terminated a pregnancy-- in the final days of my 1st marriage.
  • Don't look back with regrets but I know I will be judged by the One Judge for what I did.
  • Think protesters at abortion clinics would move mountains if they loved those girls instead of judging them.
  • Won't be the first one to throw stones from my glass house!
  • Am VERY opinionated
  • Would call myself feisty
  • Has never worn a bikini
  • Would like to at least feel I had the option to wear one if I wanted
  • Wanted to attend medical school
  • Do regret that I never followed my dream of being a doctor
  • Scored in the top 5% on SATs (when they were based on 1600)
  • Grew up the step-daughter of an alcoholic
  • Appreciates AA, Al-Anon and Al-Ateen
  • Am hard-headed
  • Loves unconditionally---
  • Until you piss me off.
  • Makes people earn back that trust.
  • Grew up athletic but as a teen that changed.
  • My best friend until I was 10 was Pam Marshall…I don't know where she is now, but I would like to.
  • My best friend from 10-15 was Cheryl McChargue. I do know where she is and we've reconnected on FB.
  • Doesn't know who my natural (birth) father is, but has a pretty good idea
  • Thinks that since he wasn't in my life the first 20 years by his choice, that I don't need him in the next 40 either, by my choice
  • Had the GREATEST grandparents EVER! They both are gone now but I miss them dearly and not a day goes by that I don't think about them.
  • Desires to be loved as much as a grandparent as I loved mine.
  • Has 2 grand-daughters already
  • Loves being told that I look TOO young to have grandchildren
  • Has an English Mastiff. If you have kids and are looking for a dog---THAT'S the dog to get!
  • Thinks all (4) of my kids are bright for their age (most of the time)…..thanks to their Mom.
  • Has a sick sense of humor that usually only I get.
  • Laughs out loud in my head ALL the time

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